Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mentors Chapter Intercessor Squad

3 nights on these, first night was assembly as I'd had a crap days sleep.
White night, ushabati bone base coat, dry brushed with screaming skull and then 2 dry brush coats of white scar. Getting the green done when back on shift tonight.
5am gone and time to pack up for the night, green done on my Mentors Chapter Intercessor Squad for the Ordo Astartes strike force. If I do do (da, DW, RW, KoB, Hounds, shit), 6th marine army I'd definitely do them as Mentors Chapter.
Just need to do squad markings and chapter markings on them but I'm reaching a point where I think I need glasses for close in detail work

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Just A Building Night

I didn't sleep so well yesterday, and my eyes weren't up to painting tonight, so I just planned on putting the Intercessor Squad together tonight. I've decided to paint these in the Mentors Chapter colours. Hopefully I have enough white to get all 10 done.

Monday, 19 February 2018

3rd Night Of Bikes

Tonight's WIP, turns out I can't count as I still need 1 more bike to bring my last squadron up to 8 bikes and 1 attack bike.
I also did the Hellblaster combat squad tonight.
The older marines in The Lion's Blades have a bone trim on the shoulder, while newer recruits and the Primaris don't have this yet, this is because they have yet to have some of the Unforgiven's truth passed on to them, when this is done the marine writes it on a parchment and then burns it, he mixes the Ashes into the paint. As he progresses within the chapter and learns more of the truth he's allowed to paint add more bone paint , when if he is allowed to join the 1st Company he is armoured in the truth. And not because I forgot that they had the trim.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

2 Night Of Bikes

Unified the bikes with a base ring and glued the Hellblaster squad to their bases.
I gave the bike bases a coat of astroganite and a wash with agrax earthshade, once that was dry I gave each one a wipe with dawnstone and I also gave the Hellblaster bases a dry brush with the Dawnstone as they are some nicely textured ones that I had ordered wrong a while ago, I'd wanted 5 40mm round bases and got 10 32mm round bases.

Daughters Of Khaine

So just before I try and get a couple more hours of sleep before work this drops. . . 
Good job I'm already in my bunk.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Space Marines Heros Series 2

I stumbled across this in 2 places over night, there's another expo going on somewhere and the Space Marines are getting some more Heros, these look like Terminators.
And my stuff from tonight, 2nd Company,  Squadron 1 trimmed and based. Forgot bases for the Hellblaster squad and trying the Martian dust on the squad of mk4, gave it an agrax earthshade wash and a Troll slayer orange dry brush.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Bike 6 Of 6

Bike 6, which arrived this morning and happened to be mostly black already.
Wasn't feeling like getting much done so just ease myself back in with.
Tempted to bring each squadron in and get them all matching with base sides, numbers and robes, which with my mood, some nice smooth finishers will be easy completions and also an army done.